"Last New Year's Eve I was terribly sick. It started with a cold that I thought would just go away on its own and to make a long story short, I ended up feeling REALLY bad on New Year's Eve which fell on a Saturday. I'm new to the area and didn't have a PCP, so I looked through a list on my heath insurance website. I called every single doctor from A-Z and everyone was either closed, not accepting new patients, etc. I was literally begging people to see me because I felt like death. An hour later finally landed on Dr. Ziaie. He was actually not even planning on going into his office that day but made a special trip to see me because he actually felt bad that I was so sick. Turns out it was a sinus infection and bronchitis. He was so nice to me, not in a hurry AT ALL when we met...even when I'm sure he had better plans for his Sat. Even his receptionist/nurse was super sweet. I loved it there. Even though I now live in Alexandria, I will certainly make the drive to see him. Fantastic doctor! "

-- jennifer

"Good experience Dr. Ziaie seemed to take his time in talking to me about all my symptoms and to be very considerate of my time giving me everything I might need so I did not have to come back a bunch of times. Unlike many doctors he treated me for everything not just what I had come in for!"

--Adam ?

"very Good Doctor I started using Dr. Ziaie few years ago for emergencies. After a misdiagnosis from my regular physician, I started to use Dr, Ziaie as my primary care physician. He is great, takes his time to make sure he is giving you proper care, and really gets to know his patients, Thanks for all of your help."


"Seen immediately, professional and friendly staff."


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